Finding a high-quality, sustainable commercial flooring option is often a difficult task. It’s common that this difficulty causes decision makers to overlook sustainability as a must-have, with most opting for something more familiar and traditional.

However, customer and client expectations are no longer familiar or traditional, instead, they are changing rapidly in a way that must be met by every business.

That’s where Karta comes in. Purpose-built to make sustainability more accessible to businesses, our flooring is the next step in what sustainable commercial flooring can be.

Read on to discover what exactly makes Karta the go-to choice for commercial flooring.

How sustainable is Karta?

Karta is environmentally and people friendly. Carbon-negative, toxin free, 100% natural fibre and totally recyclable, making Karta flooring a fully natural and biodegradable option for commercial spaces.

Being fully natural, Karta will biodegrade very quickly due to the wood fibre and resins used being soluble. Unlike plastics, they will not still be around in decades to come, and at the end of its life, can even be used as biomass.

Thanks to its superior recyclability, Karta flooring is perfect for both long and short-term leases, making it a truly diverse and sustainable commercial flooring option that can last as long as your lease does.

What makes Karta carbon neutral?

Carbon captured in responsible forestry and timber industry waste is converted into the wood fibres used in Karta. As flooring, this carbon is held within Karta throughout its lifespan. Karta uses 30 times less energy to produce than vinyl and other plastic-based floors. Karta locks away more carbon than it takes to create it.

Along with being carbon neutral, Karta is completely free of toxins, specifically, volatile organic compound, semi-volatile organic compound and formaldehyde free.

What Sustainability certifications does Karta have?

Karta floors are entirely plastic-free and fully biodegradable. The wood fibre grows quickly, and we use every single part of the tree in producing our floor.

This has made Karta flooring FSC Certified and with no nasty SVOCs, creating a revolutionary product that ticks all the boxes. It’s good for us, and the environment too.

Karta is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), and we are also able to provide a chain-of-custody certification if required.

Why does commercial flooring need to be sustainable?

So, you’ve seen how Karta is revolutionising commercial flooring, but why does commercial flooring need to be sustainable?

With sustainability under the microscope, businesses can no longer make green claims without ensuring eco-friendly options are used across all aspects of their operations. Selling products or services that claim to be sustainable while having areas of the business that don’t support the message creates distrust between the business and customer.

It’s this disingenuous messaging that has a detrimental effect on buying decisions and overall customer perception of a business. Making sustainable choices is often garnered with praise, while shortcomings can seriously harm brand integrity.

So far, we’ve only covered the sustainable factors that make Karta a revolutionary product, but that’s not all you get from a Karta floor.

From trademarked designs with a truly unique story to performance and durability that can live up to even the highest footfall, there are so many reasons to choose Karta flooring.

Discover more about what makes Karta revolutionary in our blog. Or why not get in touch today and speak to our expert team for all the help and advice you need?