At Karta we have created eight different design formats which can transform the aesthetic appeal of any interior space. With formats 1-7 featuring in our BioFibre Series and 08 Wide plank featuring in our Recycled Leather Series, there’s a design that will suit your taste and demands. Consider the dimensions, patterns and overall look that you want to achieve to make the best choice for you.

01. Herringbone In-Panel

The Herringbone In-Panel was designed to provide a simple installation process for the herringbone pattern. By crafting the design onto an 800mm x 800mm wood fibre board, we have reduced installation costs and made it easier for DIY enthusiasts. This pattern is particularly effective on a larger scale and is ideal for commercial spaces.

02. Basket Weave Panel

Similar to the Herringbone In-Panel, the Basket Weave board also measures 800mm x 800mm, making these panels interchangeable for seamless installation. However, the Basket Weave design is most effective when used on its own. Its distinctive pattern rotates, creating a continuous and cohesive design that extends across the entire floor, ensuring a visually appealing and uniform look throughout the space.

O3. Ladder Herringbone Panel

The Ladder Herringbone offers a unique twist on the traditional herringbone, with its linear arrangement creating a striking, ladder-like effect. This design is perfect for adding a contemporary touch to any space and ensures a seamless, continuous pattern across your entire floor, making it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial settings.

04. Diamond Panel

The Herringbone Diamond pattern introduces a sophisticated twist on the classic herringbone, featuring a diamond arrangement that adds depth and visual interest. This design creates a seamless, continuous pattern across your entire floor, enhancing both residential and commercial spaces with its elegant and dynamic appearance.

05. Chevron Plank

06. Ladder Plank

07.Super Wide Plank

08. Wide Plank