World’s first: cent.ldn debuts groundbreaking residential luxury candle show space.

Cent.ldn’s founder Hayley Mack, recently bought a property in London and took on the challenge to renovate and transform it into a new show space which also doubles up as a luxurious, fully functioning home. Hayley got in contact to find the perfect match for their show space. We introduced them to our Vodka Oak Range where they immediately fell in love with the Chevron Plank Design.

Introduction to cent.ldn

Cent.ldn was founded in March 2020 during the lockdown period and they soon became motivated to look for ways to brighten people’s days during this uncertain time. This was when the brand established itself and embarked on their mission to design and develop the most unique and exclusive candles on the market.

Each of their candles are custom made and handcrafted in London. These exceptional items allow customers to bring a unique piece of décor into their home, each telling a story. Another drive of theirs is sustainability, a perfect fit with Karta. They sustainably source their products and strive to keep the planet safe in every aspect of their operation.

They have collaborated well-known brands and celebrities such as Cîroc, Tanqueray no.TEN, Adidas, Hunter and Elton John which had coverage in Hype beast, a huge culture and lifestyle platform. These are just a selection of the impressive brands that have contributed to their core success within the interior design business and continue to be a factor in the credibility and growth of the business.

The Karta x cent.ldn collaboration

With the vision of creating a modern but sustainable space, cent.ldn chose Karta for their flooring choice. The project took several months to complete with Hayley at the forefront of the transformation. When asking Hayley about the project she stated “We believe that the best way to showcase our candles is to integrate them into the everyday spaces. The renovation has been stressful & joyful at the same time. The aim is to inspire our community by building the perfect combination of accessible luxury living and to showcase how our candles can enhance your home.”

Karta was chosen to be featured in this luxury space for years to come. The Karta Plated® top coat is a specially developed barrier solution designed to provide a lifetime of protection,  making it an ideal choice for maintaining the integrity of their flooring during the high traffic daily wear and tear.

Vodka Oak Design

The flooring chosen for the renovation was our very own, Vodka oak in our Chevron Plank  Design. Our Vodka Oak is remapped from French oak barrels that were used by Polish vodka distilleries to house a concentrated spirit which over time would create a mellow tone on the oak. The material we used was from 1972 and they were ordered by Polmos, the state-owned vodka company.

The Chevron Plank Design specifically creates a simple but elegant design, fitting in a space of modern minimal design which was perfect for this project. The chevron design dates back the 1500s and was used by the French in chateaus and palaces. Now fast forward to today, we have now updated the design to create an easy installation, with a unique end result. The Vodka Oak tone is light, allowing the other interior elements to stand out and create a vibrant feel to the room. It also allows the light to reflect into the room, to keep rooms feeling warm whilst creating the illusion of space.

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