Wood wall cladding is a growing trend in commercial spaces. Gone are the days of white walls and monochrome offices with business owners looking to add a contemporary style with a sustainable backbone to their facilities.

With an increasing number of businesses and retailers looking to bring their eco-friendly messaging into their physical spaces, wall designs that are environmentally friendly, practical and stylish are more in demand than ever. Read on for our top benefits of real wood wall cladding!

True sustainability

Sustainability is imperative for any environmentally responsible business. At Karta, we recognise the need for truly eco-friendly flooring and wall cladding, which is why we have carefully considered sustainability at all points in our wood’s life cycle.

Karta’s wood fibre is sourced from managed softwood plantations and uses every part of the tree. With our wood, you can achieve both the environmental and health benefits of real wood, for the price of synthetic alternatives, all while being carbon negative.

For end-of-life disposal, our wood can be recycled into particle board manufacture or for use in CHP green energy. Karta is completely biodegradable with no leeching of toxins into the ground water supply.

Inspiring design options

While sustainability is the top priority, we believe this shouldn’t come at the cost of beautiful styles. Starting with a 100% wood fibre base, we’ve used advanced printing techniques to produce super real, high-definition flooring crafted with multi-dimensional details. With almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing hardwood floors, we know exactly what they should look like, which is why Karta has no visible repeats up to 30sqm and all the warmth and texture of natural wood floors.

Our designs are just as high quality as our wood. Karta designs originate from historical wood floors and are remastered to make them accessible to all, whilst preserving the design forever. Explore our inspiring range of sustainable designs with a unique history, ranging from the Old War Office in Whitehall to St. George’s Hospital.

Robust durability

At Karta, we believe in performance without compromise. Our wood is commercially durable with its matt finish rated as AC5, giving the high-performance coating an abrasion resistance of 6000 revolutions. For those noisier environments, Karta wood wall cladding is naturally sound absorbent, helping to reduce the strain on hearing and create a more stress-free space.

Suitable for hot conditions, Karta wood produces no toxic emissions even at high heating temperatures, making it longer lasting compared to synthetic alternatives that contain solvents and are prone to heat damage. With a high fire rating and excellent thermal values, you can synergically add safety and comfort to a commercial space without needing to compromise on durability.

Interested in adding Karta’s real wood wall cladding to your commercial space? Contact us today to order a free sample from any of our design ranges get in contact to help you find the perfect option for your business!