We looked into the future. What we saw was Karta.

Picture it: a world beyond vinyl, a plastic-free planet, a circular economy that borrows from the earth and always gives it back. This was our vision, and we took the first steps to make it reality.

The Evolution of Karta

At Karta we’re always seeking to do things differently, because we’re not satisfied with the way things are now. This is why we’re always thinking about what comes next, and constantly working to improve our floors for the good of the planet and its people. Our aim is to revolutionize the flooring industry – Goodbye Plastics, Hello Karta.

We knew from the very start that our floors needed to be zero-waste and one hundred percent natural – no exceptions. So that’s what we did.


Our first floors were created from the parts of trees that often get left behind – branches, bark, and sawdust – ensuring that no part of the tree goes to waste, and only using wood from FSC-certified forests. These natural fibres are then hardened in all-natural resins, the eco-friendly alternative to nasty SVOC’s. These sturdy organic materials mean that a Biofibre floor is durable enough to last year after year, before returning to the earth at the end of its life.

Not only are our Super Wide panels the perfect stage for your sustainable space, they’re also suitable for wall cladding – it’s never been easier to immerse yourself in eco-friendly design.

Recycled Leather Series

We believe in rewriting the narrative by creating a sustainable future. Not only did we find a way to stop waste in the wood flooring industry, we discovered how to remove it from other sectors, too.

Having conquered forest waste, we set our sights on our next target: the leather industry.

Our latest invention uses offcuts from the shoe industry, which generates around 100,000 tonnes of leather waste in Europe alone every year. We reclaimed these materials and used them to manufacture our innovative Leather Series.

While leather is biodegradable – we wouldn’t use it in our floors if it wasn’t – the process of landfill is not only ugly to look at, but bad for our ozone layer. Harmful greenhouse gases are released when waste is left to decompose without oxygen.

Instead, we took these scraps and created a range of beautiful real wood-look floors, designed with an efficient click system for super-easy installation. Less waste, less worries.

Narrative rewritten.